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Employee Portal

This section contains requisite forms for employment and commonly requested paperwork for employees. Please contact your Just Legal, Inc. staff representative or contact our office if you're unable to find what you're looking for. 

Below are links to downloadable documents which may be referred to during your interview, application, or employment process. A Just Legal, Inc. representative will provide specific instructions on which form(s) you'll need to complete based on your specific situation.

Networking Event

Employee Payroll Procedures

This page contains our downloadable Payroll Procedures in convenient PDF format.

Employee Time Sheet

This page contains our downloadable Time Sheet  in convenient PDF format.

Direct Deposit Authorization

Direct Deposit Authorization

Want to enjoy the convenience of direct deposit?  Simply complete this form and follow these instructions. 

Set up time may vary depending on your financial institution.

Employee Change Notice

Is your job or role in the company changing? As your employer, it's important that you let us know right away by completing the Employment Change Notice below and forwarding it to your Just Legal, Inc. staff representative. 

Don't have time?  Please give us a call.  Perhaps there's something we can do to help.

Employee Brochure

Our Employee Brochure contains information which perhaps may appear more suited for employers than for employees. Rest assured, this isn't by accident.  At Just Legal, Inc., we recognize that both employers and employees are our lifeblood. It's by employing only those who meet our rigid hiring standards that we provide value to our clients and limit our exposure. Simply put, if you can't meet our stringent hiring demands, than how can we expect you'll meet those of our clients?  An underlying message in our Employee Brochure is that relationships with both client and candidate are built upon trust and respect.  We encourage you to refer to this brochure to gain a better understanding of our client- employee relationships and the important role you play in the big picture.

Company Policies

Download Just Legal, Inc.'s company policies guide.


Tax Forms

Below are common tax forms required upon your employment with Just Legal, Inc. and/or our clients. Chances are you've seen these forms before, but please contact us if you require assistance:


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