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Employer Information

Just Legal, Inc. provides temporary, contract and permanent placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal administrators, legal secretaries, and other legal support personnel including receptionists, file clerks, document clerks, accounting clerks, runners and more. We understand that the process of hiring permanent and temporary legal staff requires a substantial commitment of administrative and attorney time. Please consider allowing us to streamline this process for you. 

Just Legal, Inc. will: 

  • Identify and locate candidates who meet the level of skill and experience required by our clients

  • Perform extensive, in-person interviews with all candidates to ascertain educational and professional experience, as well as appropriate appearance, professionalism and communication skills

  • Administer evaluations to assess grammar, spelling, word usage and proof-reading skills, typing and word processing skills, general aptitude and skills where appropriate for support staff candidates

  • Present qualified candidates for review to our clients

  • Arrange interviews between our clients and the candidates selected

  • Manage all payroll functions by maintaining contract and temporary employees on Just Legal, Inc.’s payroll

  • Assure client and candidate satisfaction via quality checks to insure a match of skill and legal expertise

Our Customer Service: 

  • 30-minute call back to clients seeking staff

  • First day check-in to assure that our candidate meets your needs

  • Quality checks to assure quality matches

  • Friday checks for continued service of temporary and contract employees

  • End-of-assignment reviews to assure total client satisfaction

  • Management Reports upon request

Additional services:

  • 4/40 Service - any assignment for one week or longer includes four free hours for training purposes

  • ASAP Service - Employees are “on call” daily in all skill categories

  • Payroll Service - seasonal staff, new hires, ex-employees and retired employees are maintained on our payroll at a reduced rate


Flexible Fee Arrangements: 

  • Just Legal, Inc. works with our clients to establish fair and reasonable rates for our services

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